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About Us

The International Academy for Professional Driving (IAPD) provides driver improvement programs to enhance the safety, efficiency, and professionalism of your drivers in all traffic conditions. IAPD’s proprietary teaching methods are transforming the way organizations, companies, and agencies think about driving. We want your team members to be as safe as they are effective.


In 1976, veteran racecar driver Richard “Dick” Turner applied his competitive, performance driving experience to design and implement law enforcement training exercises. His unique, Low Speed, High Stress technique made it possible for training exercises to occur at low speeds, yet yield the same high-stress scenarios drivers are likely to face during emergency response. His technique proved astonishingly effective for teaching critical skills without risking injury or vehicle damage in the process.

With each successful course implementation, Dick Turner confirmed that his methods and training philosophy were vastly different than any other program available at that time. He thus founded his first company, the National Academy for Police Driving. Shortly thereafter, Dick effectively applied Low Speed, High Stress to training in other emergency and non-emergency vehicles, prompting him to change the corporate name to National Academy for Professional Driving (NAPD).

The firm’s unprecedented approach caught the attention of CBS’ 60 Minutes, and Dick Turner demonstrated his techniques on a segment called “Hot Pursuit.” Once in the national spotlight, demand for his courses increased. Dick’s professional driving and training experience also positioned him as the ideal expert witness for accident investigation and reconstruction, once more expanding the company’s services and value. 

As the business grew, Dick Turner left NAPD in the hands of business partners and formed a new, separately owned and operated entity under the corporate name of International Academy for Professional Driving.  IAPD leveraged his methods to meet the specific driver improvement needs of:

In recent years, Brian W. Turner, formerly vice president of NAPD and son of the late Dick Turner, partnered with industry expert Rod Davis to re-invigorate the company in a way that optimally addresses current market and industry demands. The two executives successfully preserved the integrity of Dick’s original vision and innovations as they worked with IAPD master trainers to update training resources, delivery options, technologies, content, and client-centric services.  Today, IAPD blends past and present to revolutionize how organizations approach driver safety and professional driver improvement.


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