Off-Road Driving: Fire Emergency

When you have to go off road

Everyday worksite commutes require off-road techniques, but fire apparatus drivers also absorb the extreme stress of off-road emergency situations, such as the terrible wildfires we hear more and more of each year. Throughout my many years training professional drivers, I’ve found that even highly skilled, experienced operators can become so intent on the fire-fighting job ahead that they fail to recognize the rig’s limits as they negotiate narrow paths, low branches, surface variance, and steep slopes.


Reaction Time and Speed Tell Us How Close is Too Close

The Dangers of Tailgating Part 1

Tailgating may be big fun for football revelers, but on the road, it’s another story. When drivers tailgate – follow another vehicle too closely – we put others and ourselves at great, potentially life-threatening risk. How close is too close? Let’s get a little technical and consider the two factors, reaction time and speed, that help determine the appropriate space between two moving vehicles.


Avoiding and Managing Tailgating Scenarios

The Dangers of Tailgating Part 2

Part one of this tailgating series covered technical truths, such as speed and reaction time, and why we tailgate in the first place. Now let’s discuss how to manage tailgating situations and, more importantly, stop this hazardous habit.

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