Strategic Defensive Driving Course

IAPD’s Strategic Defensive Driving Course takes classic defensive strategy to the next level. The course goes beyond basic skills to cultivate the techniques and safety-centered attitudes needed for lasting improvement.

Drivers who complete the course become Proficient Defensive Drivers and are better equipped to extend a culture of controlled, effective driving throughout your organization.

SDDC Perfects Techniques, Transforms Thinking

Organizational leaders understand that driving safety is an essential commitment to employees, customers, and community members. Less common is the awareness that flawless driving involves more than skilled technique; it’s just as much about the driver’s state of mind. SDDC places equal importance on the technical and mental nuances of driving. Our curriculum applies physical and behavioral sciences to help drivers make agile, focused, and responsible decisions in any circumstance. We will partner with you in motivating drivers to put safety first and foremost in their minds.

Skilled Driving Requires Strategy

SDDC content includes:

  • A pre-learning assessment to identify individual learning needs.
  • Six learning modules filled with carefully selected, tested, and validated instruction for strategic defensive driving.
  • Example scenarios to model correct and incorrect performance and thinking.
  • Practice activities to reinforce learning.
  • Quizzes to gauge progress and highlight review opportunities.
  • A post-learning assessment to verify concept mastery and achieve Proficient Defensive Driver status.

Critical Thinking Improves Outcomes

  • Making a habit of proper techniques
  • Conducting safety procedures
  • Evaluating driving conditions
  • Recognizing potential hazards
  • Maintaining control
  • Planning for every situation
  • Driving with dignity
  • Using knowledge as the best defense
  • Thinking rationally in intense situations
  • Focusing on what can be controlled
  • Considering consequences for every action
  • Making good decisions
  • Keeping emotions in check
  • What types of drivers benefit from SDDC?


Correct, well-practiced techniques and a deep-rooted commitment to safety make  it possible for drivers to avoid any number of potential disasters. The concepts taught in SDDC are relevant to all drivers, regardless of tenure, vehicle type, service performed, or geographic region.

More on this Program

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More on this Program

SDDC Brochure

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