The Benefits of IAPD Solutions

The risks and costs of operating a motor vehicle are significant. Add extended distance, night driving, high speeds, or high-stress situations, and the stakes skyrocket.

IAPD’s driver improvement courses offer much more than basic driver’s training.

Our advanced driving solutions are:

Defensible – If your IAPD-certified driver is in a collision, your IAPD limited warranty covers professional collision reconstruction services.

Customizable – IAPD’s certified master trainers consult with you to identify and meet your content, training, and budget needs.

Relevant – We continuously update our accredited curriculum to meet required local, state, provincial, and national standards.

Affordable – For less than eight cents per day, your professional drivers can become IAPD-certified drivers or instructors within your organization, company, or agency.

ExtensibleVOPE is an evaluation tool that helps IAPD-certified instructors efficiently assess and train a driver; the more IAPD-certified drivers you have, the more you can expect to benefit from increased safety and a healthier bottom line.

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