• Prioritize Safety

    Avoid Injuries or Loss of Life

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  • Promote Efficient Driving

    Keep Vehicles in Service,
    Lower Fuel and Maintenance Costs

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  • Sharpen Driving Skills

    Avoid Accidents, Expensive Repairs, Operational Disruptions

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  • Improve Driving Records

    Foster a Responsible Reputation, Meet Requirements, Lower Liability

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  • Optimize Driving Performance

    Let Drivers Focus on the
    Most Important Job.

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What Can Your Organization Do to Avoid a Collision?

Prioritize Safety

In-house, IAPD-certified driving instructors present a cost-effective way to instill best practices throughout your organization.

Promote Efficiency

IAPD courses focus on safety as well as the environment; driving green saves you money.

Sharpen Skills

Evaluate, train, and certify drivers with IAPD customized programs, curriculum, and evaluation tools to match your needs and budget.

Improve Records

Proprietary low-speed, high-stress methods give drivers in-depth practice and better control in every situation.

Optimize Performance

Our in-vehicle evaluation tool provides a way to continuously evaluate, assess, train, and provide real-time feedback.


Find Out HowProfessional Driver Training Can Improve Your Organization.
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