Certification Programs

We provide your trainers and drivers with an opportunity for hands-on practice and real-time feedback.

IAPD instructor and driver certification programs help you sharpen skills and expertise in your organization.

Instructor Certification

IAPD’s train-the-trainer, instructor certification programs are a cost-effective way to develop internal expertise and advance a strong driving culture. We provide on-going support for our clients’ long-term commitment to safe and efficient driving.

How it Works

IAPD master trainers deliver advanced training at your site, giving your future instructors hands-on experience with the conditions drivers encounter in real-world scenarios.  Train-the-trainer classes are small to allow for individual attention and immediate feedback. Drivers who complete the instructor course receive a certificate that is valid for three years.

Train-the-Trainer Advantage

Once drivers are IAPD-certified instructors, they can teach advanced driving skills throughout your organization, company, or agency. In addition to customized training and ongoing support, IAPD-certified classroom and track course instructors receive a comprehensive teaching package that includes:
  • Modular Instructor Manual
  • Modular Student Manual
  • Classroom Course Examinations
  • Track Setup Power Point
  • Track Exercise Diagrams
  • Scoring PowerPoint
  • Track Exercise Score Sheets
  • Theory PowerPoint
  • 3-Year Certification
  • Student Records

IAPD Driver Certification

Master trainers deliver IAPD’s proprietary professional driver improvement courses that give advanced drivers hands-on practice with the same equipment and conditions they will encounter in real-world scenarios. For classroom and track courses, each driver registration you purchase includes:
  • Modular Student Manual
  • Classroom Course Examinations
  • Track Exercise Score Sheets
  • Course Evaluation
  • 3-Year Certification
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