Vehicle Operator Proficiency Evaluation

VOPE is a comprehensive, on-road evaluation resource for establishing, validating, and expanding your in-house driving expertise.

IAPD’s Vehicle Operator Proficiency Evaluation tool is our latest innovation to help you protect your drivers and improve driving efficiency.

Monitor, develop and improve a safe driving culture.


VOPE allows our clients to blend assessment and evaluation processes with practice.  With VOPE, you have the opportunity to observe and immediately reinforce or correct a driver’s ability to perceive and respond to varied speed zones, intersection dilemmas, traffic indicators, and weather conditions. Immediate feedback brings about higher learner retention, and the driving strategies addressed in VOPE are designed to maximize instruction and learning in each 90-minute session.   


VOPE can dovetail with current training or be used as a stand-alone tool. 

Pre-Assessment - Observe and document a driver’s skills to identify training needs.

Post-Assessment - Use between certification periods to refresh skills and evaluate driver’s grasp of advanced techniques.

Stand-Alone - Train and practice simultaneously, with the benefit of immediate feedback.

Re-Certification - Qualifying IAPD clients can apply VOPE to renew certifications across the organization.


VOPE is designed for use on the driving routes your driver will face every day. You will be able to observe, approve or correct, and score a driver’s ability to scan, identify, predict, decide, and execute in settings and conditions they will most likely face on a regular basis.

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